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How To Get Class B CDL Training A person who wants to be able to drive a truck that has at least two axles and a vehicle weight with a gross of 26,000 pounds or more should undergo class B CDL training. Drivers with class B CDL training can also drive tow trucks that weigh 10,000 pounds or less. After the Class B CDL training, the driver has to take the practical exam and pass in order to get a CDL license.

Here are some tips on how to have a class B CDL training:

1. First of all, a person has to have a standard license in order to be able to attend a class B CDL training. The person must also be at least 18 years old.

2. If a person’s job requires driving trucks and other types of vehicles that are in the class b category, that person is required to have a class b CDL training. Most...
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Review The Content And Skills Required Of A Class B CDL Training Course To Get You On The Road To be able to operate as a professional truck driver you will be required to obtain class B CDL training course qualifications and a range of options are available to achieve these goals. To find out about what is involved in class B CDL training course programs read on and move one step closer towards registration for your course.

Class B CDL training course programs are provided in a variety of formats and will cover all the requirements that will allow you, upon graduation of the course program, to operate as a professional truck driver. The information following will provide further insight into what is involved in completing a class B CDL training course program and will help you in making...
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Inequality and Opportunity

Proposals by President Obama to expand early-childhood education and vocational training could have promise, but need to go beyond partisan talking points, an economist writes.

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